Matchmaker is the sole UK agent for Yasda super-high precision CNC jig borers and multi-axis machining centres.  Yasda machines are widely regarded as being the most accurate in the world, not least by the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers, the majority of whom use Yasda machines in their own facilities.

It is not just machine tool manufacturers that value the capabilities of Yasda machines.  When absolute accuracy is vital – for precision mould and die manufacturers, medical devices and the most critical aerospace components – a Yasda solution is often the only option.

To achieve this level of accuracy Yasda machines feature a unique combination of design elements and techniques that ensure unparalleled rigidity and stability. Examples include:

  • Thermal distortion stabilising systems
  • Self-adjusting spindle bearing pre-loading
  • Twin-screw drive systems
  • Heavy section curvic couplings
  • Cooling circuits for ball-screws, castings and ball screw mounts
  • Load sensing and guideway surface pressure control systems

These features give Yasda machines the accuracy of a jig borer with the capability of multi-axis CNC machining centre even on extremely hard materials (up to 65 Rockwell C) which drastically reduces the time taken to manufacture moulds.  The advantages of this hard metal machining capability are quite significant when compared to spark erosion.  The part can be finished in one operation with end mills to produce an extremely high quality polished surface that requires no further hand finishing.  Spark erosion not only leaves a rough surface that needs to be hand finished in a second operation, but this second operation can smooth some of the sharp corners with the result that the integrity of the components is lost.

And the better the quality and definition of the mould, then the better the quality of the parts it can produce.

For details of the full range of Yasda Machining Centers, please see below.

Click the images to view full size and the PDF icons to download colour brochures including full technical specifications for each machine

CNC Jig Borers
Model Machine Type Machine Image Download Brochure
Yasda YBM 640V CNC Jig Borer
Yasda YBM 950V CNC Jig Borer
Yasda YBM 1218V CNC Jig Borer
Yasda YBM 9150V CNC Mold & Die Miller
Precision Centres
Model Machine Type Machine Image Download Brochure
Yasda YBM 7T Precision Centre
Yasda YBM 8T Precision Centre
Yasda YBM 10T Precision Centre
Yasda YBM 15T Precision Centre
Yasda YBM 8T-TT Precision Centre
Yasda YBM 10T-TH Precision Centre
Yasda YBM 10T-100TT Precision Centre
Five Axis Precision Centres
Model Machine Type Machine Image Download Brochure
Yasda H30i Five Axis Precision Centre
Yasda H40i Five Axis Precision Centre
Yasda YBM Vi40 Five Axis Precision Centre
Micro Centres
Model Machine Type Machine Image Download Brochure
Yasda YMC 430 Micro Centre
Yasda YMC 430 RT10 Micro Centre
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